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Spool Heads

Open Track 77mm Straight Kits

Open Track 77mm Straight Kits

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8'/2400mm Open Track 77mm Straight Kit (actually 94.5" total)

8 - 240mm pieces

2 - 120mm pieces

3 - 80mm pieces

26 connectors (2 for each piece plus 2 extra) and 1/2" wood screws to secure the track to a wood surface if desired.

These straights are compatible with all Spool Heads Open Track 77mm Turns.

Compatible with Adventure Force Crash racers. The purchase of SR-CR adapters is recommended if you do intend to use it with Crash Racers track. Contact Spool Heads for pricing. 

Open Track 77mm to Open Track 88mm adapters are available. Contact Spool Heads if you are interested. 

All parts are printed in PLA+. Parts are susceptible to warping if exposed to extreme heat conditions. Spool Heads products are intended for adult hobbyists.

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