How to measure 1:64 mph

To measure how fast a 1:64 diecast car is going, we use 1:64mph. You will need three of pieces of information and a video camera.

- Marked distance travelled in centimeters because measuring in inches is the worst. CR track is 50 cm long so that makes measuring easy if you are using CR track.

- Frame rate of camera

- # of frames it takes to travel from the start of the measurement area to the end. I just set in an out points in my editing program, or I even count them frame by frame if I'm really lazy.


Then use this equation.

(Distance in cm) * (Frames per second of the camera) / (# of frames it took to travel to the end line) * 1.44

This will give you the realtime 1:64mph. Then you can times that number by whatever you slow the races down by to see how fast they travel in your videos.


For example, in a video, I filmed Mr. Darq at 120fps and he travelled 100cm in 48 frames.

100 * 120 / 48 * 1.44 = 360 1:64mph realtime

I slowed it down by 50% so that in playback, he's going 180 1:64mph, which feels about right.